An Evening with David Sedaris

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David Sedaris



19-24 Aug



Grammy Award nominated David Sedaris is a very pop[ular, highly respected American humurist, comedian & author, whose respect is reflected in the packed out response to his week long soiree at the Edinburgh fringe. His shows involves his reading of several pieces of writing which highlight his view on the little things in life, like buying his longt-term partner a special valentine’s gift, & the visit of his sisters to his East Sussex home. At every turn he injects his highly-tuned comedic mind , in a fluid, lyric conversational style, which has compelled me to pick up one of his books & read him for myself.



Despite not being so well known in Britain, he is sold-out, like a badly kept secret. However, those in on the secret I believe woudl liek to keep him for themselves, for his amiable warmth exudes a great level of intimacy, making every one in teh audience feel like they know him, or at least one want to know him. I reccomend to any with a literary bent to lend this guy an earbyDamian Bullen

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