Ian Brown & David Greig

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Ian Brown & David Greig

10th August

Edinburgh Book Festival


Chaired by the evergreen Ruth Wishart, I spent a delightful hour with two of Scotland’s most innovative theatrical giants, Ian Brown & David Greig, immersed in the history of the modern Scottish play. After Brown gave a brief but fascinating insight into Scottish theatre, showing how it did not die after the reformation, but instead gained strength, we were transported to the formation of Greig’s company, Suspect Culture, in 1993.



The two men seem to be good friends, & have given open discussions before. Today, They showed how contemporary Scots language is permeating the natural muse of the Scottish playwright, mentioning in particular the forthcoming James plays put on by the EIF this August. 



The question & answer session didn’t exactly draw much of a response from the audience, which was fine actually as it allowed us to listen to more dialogue from these two experts in their field. I particularly enjoyed the idea they promulgated that Scottish theater is looking to Europe, rather than inward into a coloquial fringe.


Reviewer : Damo Bullen








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