Stuart MacBride

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11th August

Edinburgh International Book Festival



On the day I received my first Mumble mission for The International Book festival, I went from the Lady Boys of Bangkok to the mind of a Murderer. Stuart MacBride is a best selling author of some very disturbing material indeed. I was really looking forward to receiving an insight into what makes a writer want to disturb so many.  What struck me,was just how straight he was. I was waiting with anticipation for him to reveal the workings of the darkness that inspired such fiction. In the hour that we spent together we got a reading of a children’s novel that he had written called Skeleton Bob. A tale about actor Sam Neil farting in an elevator, but no real insight into the mind that created such twisted fiction.


When question time came, the questions that the audience posed were mainly about the characters he had created in his novels. I was eager to ask if the reason he wrote such grotesque fiction, was because of the latent unresolved murderer he had within him Alas, our hour with this novelist was up and the question never got asked. But it was very entertaining. Not for everyone but fine within its field.

Love Divinexxx

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