Tim Honnef : Stories of My Life, Played by Other People

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Sweet Venues – Grassmarket

14-17 August





This a most unusual piece indeed. For a start, Tim Honnef was not the guy sat at the desk when the audience walked into the room. Instead, a young, excitable blonde-haired German named Jonny Muller was sat ready to launch into the autobiographical narrative that Tim Honnef had left for him on a table. Apparently, a week previously Tim had approached Jonny in the street & asked him (& other erstwhile narrators) to read the script for him.


Tim’s effort at the fringe in 2012


So we are plunged into the romantically-neurotic world of Tim Honnef, a Dutch with an excellent command of the nuances of the English language, whose poetry is of a fine level & whose dramatic bent is of a top notch. I like the way the script is divided between personal musings, bits of poetry, & certain speeches given to the audience to read out.  I’m not so sure about the randomess of his narrotor selection, however. Jonny Muller was likeable, but too fast, whose avalanche of words buried any chance my thought processes had of truly engaging with Hoffner’s script. THREE STARS.




Reviewer : Damo Bullen



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