Monkey Poet: Shit Flinging

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Banshee’s Labyrith

2-4, 6-11, 13-18 20-24 Aug

Free (Non-ticketed)

Matt Panesh AKA Monkey Poet has the manic energy of Phil Kay’s shows of old – without a doubt no performance will be the same as any other.  He’s an incredibly likeable person and a natural comedian: within seconds of entering the room you feel like you want to buy him a drink (and you get the impression he would very much appreciate it if you did).

He crosses friendly chats with the audience with well performed readings of his approachable but well-crafted poetry, covering topics from masterbation to politics, such as how to be patriotic without sounding like a racist.  While this is billed in the spoken word section, it could easily stand alone as comedy, as his natural conversational style is as good as some of the more established comperes on the circuit. If you are a member of the BNP, you probably would not like this show (although it probably would make for a very entertaining afternoon for the rest of the audience) however for anyone else this is definitely worth your time.FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Lydia Mason

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