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The Traverse Theater. Edinburgh
16th October 2014
So my first review for this new season of theater. The first of the theatrical responses that represent the viewpoint of young people. whose hearts couldn’t be in a better place, hopes, dreams and aspirations for the world in which they are to inherit as told through poetry. A body of work, that really represents the voice of a generation, who quite rightly so, have a valid and creative platform on which to get their point across.
The poetic style draws its inspiration from the 1950’s Beat Poet, Allen Ginsburg. Who documented generational despair through poetry in the same way that this wonderful gifted poetic masterpiece has skillfully and succinctly been crafted to say. That the referendum was a success for the Yes campaign, because it has created an informed youth movement who are Humanitarian by nature. Knowledge is power. And poetry as well informed as this is nothing short of revolutionary.
Written by Drew Taylor and Julia Doogan, the poetry is rapped out by three Beat Poets; David Rankine, Leyla Josephine and Drew Taylor, accompanied by the brilliantly performed music of Julia Doogan (Vocals and Guitar) Jennifer Hamilton (Keyboards and percussion.). This is an essential performance that will speak its truth for years to come. Because it is the voice a generation that said Yes. FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Mark (Divine) Calvert.

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