Saba Douglas-Hamilton: A Life With Elephants 

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Empire Theatre – Eden Court Inverness 
Thursday 05 March 
 This is a rare opportunity to hear first hand account of studying, watching and living in an amazing environment filled with stunning animals. Saba was able to effortlessly talk about her experiences of her time living in Africa, she comanded the stage throughout, utilising some of the amazing photos and clips she has collected over her time living and working with animals. Her passion for both the country she lives in and also the animals that live there is very apparent from the start.
 During this talk she concentrated on elephants and their continuing fight for suvival due to the ivory trade. She was very passionate on this subject and brought the audience in on the plight faced by these magnificent creatures. Later on she also brought up how giraffes are facing a crisis in recent years because of bush meat trade.  Throughout the evening  the audience are treated to many very personal stories and funny anecdotes from a wealth of experience through from her life growing up in Africa to her various roles for the BBC researching and filming wildcats and elephants for her conservation work.
This talk certainly provides food for thought regarding conservation issues currently faced by elephants and the problems for those who are trying to protect them. By the end you will be hard pressed not feel empathy for the animals and passion for the great work being done.  I cannot recommend this highly enough to people passionate about animals and conservation. The talk will be repeated March the 9th in Edinburgh at the Lyceum.
Reviewer : Lucy Tonkin

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