Luminate Poetry Slam

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Traverse Theatre

7th October 2015


The lyrical delight that is Rally & Broad compere the fourth year of the consistently popular Luminate Poetry Slam, an evening which found itself residing within in the cosy confines of the Traverse Theatre Bar. The slam evening was, as expected fully packed, despite the bleak weather conditions on this particularly drenched October night. Contradicting entirely with the abundance of warmth and high spirits to be found amongst the audience and supporters of tonight’s budding poets and theatrical laureates. Comperes Jenny Lindsay and Rachel McCrum hosted the event with their usual professional style, humour and ease, and had the audience enthusiastically cheering on the contenders from the out-start. With cash prizes to compete for and entry into the 2016 Slammer Championships for the crowned champion, the tension was all but apparent. Veterans and newcomers alike took to the stage in four rounds of four poet readings, fast paced and punchy, after a pertinent introductory reading by Rachel McCrum.

Our first poet, Spike Munro, a self-confessed Slam ‘virgin’, begun with an upbeat, fast-paced and funny take on the fracking controversy, which was met with a cascade of applause. He was followed by equally talented Slammers covering topics such as dating, war, passion and ego, each given own their two minutes to shine. The snippets of insight into so many strangers’ lives and thoughts, each artistically written and performed with sincere expression back-to-back, made for a fascinating and mesmerising evening. It was utterly delightful to be engaging within the experience, passion, punch, comedy and poignancy squeezed into each poet’s tiny timeslot, and the variety and quality of talent, confidence and topics was a breath of fresh air. It’s fantastic we have such a revival within the Scottish poetry scene, and long may it continue.

Reviewer: Teri Welsh

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