Here Come The Trolls

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Here Come The Trolls is a lovely little children’s book which would find a cute place among any presents this coming Christmas. The text is a rumbusutious poem in the balladic tradition, which tells that the occupants of a certain house declare the;

‘We’ve too many holes,

Too many trolls,

Nose-dripping, fart-ripping

Boot-clumping trolls.’

imagesThe story revolves around a young boy in said house & his quest to eradicate the trolls from his house – a tad neo-nazi, but the kids probably won’t get the nuance.  Just as Gustav Dore brought Coloeridge’s Ancient Mariner to life, so hasJames Hutcheson embellished Butlin’s poem with a series of lively images. Reading it to the bairns, they loved the cool names of all the trolls, such as Spit-face, Bumscratcher & Fart-Fart. A nice addition to the book is when we are told;

‘You’ve met all the trolls,

& said ‘How’d you do?’

Did you catch sight

Of girl-troll Goo?

Of thick, clumping boots?

A troll who can swim?

A troll called Fart-Fart

Did you spot him?’

Which send us back into the book again in a ‘wheres wally’ style hunt for the aforementioned trolls. As far as children’s books is concerned, we’re looking at an age range of up to seven, I’d say, all of whom would delight in the musical language, funky wee trolls & bright & cheery colours.

Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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