David Lee Morgan — Love: Songs and Poems

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Banshee Labyrinth – Banqueting hall
August 11th-16th, 18th-28th 17.10-1800
Mr David Lee Morgan is a successful poet, whose determined sage-like patter has helped him win many poetry slams, including the 2014 BBC Slam championship. Two years later, in Edinburgh, he begins his new show by informing us that being normally a political poet, he knows a lot less about love, & has decided to explore its mysteries & turn his findings into a show. This show. He then tells us it will be presented in 3 parts. The first and last being tragic with a happy bit in the middle. Kind of like the Star Wars trilogy in reverse… & the parts shall be punctuated by songs.
After he gives a long preamble about how there will be no preambles between his poems, he launches into a machine gun onslaught upon the rudiments & rarities of romance. A subject I am probably even less familiar with than Mr David.
One can’t help but be touched by the sheer integrity of Mr David’s delivery. Something in short supply in this modern world of infinite irony. I also believe any show on the free fringe that is attempting something different from the endless barrage of stand+up comedy needs to be commended for both it’s courage and innovation. Spending an hour in Mr Morgan’s company was a warm and intimate experience, like watching an eccentric uncle open up to you, or getting a little sincere on wacky cigarettes with the seen-it-all hippy down the street.
Perhaps Mr Lee puts women and love itself on a slightly too high a pedestal. The only little brakes in my romantic droughts have been when I have treated women as fellow human beings and not as Goddesses and seen love for the dog from hell Bukowski so eloquently reminds us it is. Even so, the 50 minutes passed pleasantly, swiftly, smoothly, and, most of all, interestingly. Nothing particularly ground-breaking was being said, but I liked the man who was saying it and I respected him for having the courage to say it. An excellent show.
Reviewer : Steven Vickers

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    Medea Dream – Mumble Musicals said:
    August 15, 2016 at 7:02 am

    […] Lee Morgan is on it this year. In one corner of the city he is exploring the realms of love, while in the Silk nightclub he is bringing his take on Euripedes’ visceral Medea. Morgan is […]

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