Memoirs of an Italian Stallion

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The Village Hotel

Aug 19-23 (18.00)


IMG_20160820_175737624.jpgJoe Palermo has never conformed to the norm, has always done things his own way, & has an incredible determination to succeed. Thus, finding himself unable to place his show at the Fringe, he simply got himself a room at the deluxe Village Hotel, & put his show on there instead… his memoirs must simple be heard. So I heard them & enjoyed them immensely. His plan is to go back through time from the present day, using set piece memories to tell the story of his 46 years on Earth. Joe has lived, really lived – a porn star, a film director in Rome, a theatre director in Paris, a stripper in Milan, he has always been somewhere at the forefront of phantasy performance. Just right now, he’s a storyteller, & luckily he’s a really well-grounded, down-to-earth geezer, & to spend an hour with him as he tells his tales is well worth the ride.

Joe on the right

Palermo is a more than frank speaker when it comes to his sexual escapades, & some of the situations he has found himself in over the years are stuff which only real life can provide. For me, the most evocative parts of his tale are those reminiscences concerning his teenage years in Rome – when he was being educated in the tenets of street playing, of picking up pretty tourists & getting laid. To Joe & co. it was a highly competitive sport-cum-art form, the mastery of which set him up for his fascinating life’s journey. Sex has always been a part of his life – especially a couple of girlfriends ago when his nymphomaniacal lady would check how much semen he produced to see if he had been ‘playing’ away. This, & all his other anecdotes, are told with a rare & easy verve, & among all the stories told at this year’s Fringe… NOBODY has anything remotely as cool as Joe’s.

Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen

5 thoughts on “Memoirs of an Italian Stallion

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    Mr. Habana said:
    May 2, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Maybe he needs to start playing dirty – like Joe Palermo once did. Joe, a bulky, stubbly Italian, used to be an anti-fascist spy – or so he says. He recalls infiltrating far right circles when he was a young Communist in Italy because he and his comrades needed to know if they were going to be attacked on marches.

    “My family were quite right-wing, so it was easy for me to pretend to be a fascist,” says the 47-year-old. “So I joined undercover. But my disguise was blown when they saw me on a march carrying a red Communist flag.”

    He was attacked, he says. Was he hurt? “No! I beat them up big time.” He demonstrates a spy-like defence move which involves sharply twisting an assailant’s wrist. “You don’t need to be strong, you know what I mean? I wouldn’t be able to do that now. But back then I was an Italian 4×100 metres champion.”

    He hands over his card. “Joe Palermo”, it says, “Co-ordinator of the Partito Comunista in Great Britain”.

    Together in Highgate Cemetery – Italians, Iranians, Malayans and Chinese. All under the shadow of one tomb; comrades in arms.

    ….An ignorant nobody artist as hero…. – Site Title said:
    September 23, 2017 at 11:52 am

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