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Leading journalist Ruth Wishart steered events along with her guest writer and comedian Jon Holmes’ (the short one on The Now Show Radio 4) book launch and signing. Jon, has always been , ‘drawn to the inappropriate ’ which stems from late nights up watching Monty Python when he was but a child and his mum was out doing a nightshift in the local hospital.  Being pissed at the Ashcroft party and deciding to sit in the empty chair and harass John Major about peas and Edwina Currie may not have been his best move to date but for this emboldened prankster little is out of bounds.

Jon co-wrote Horrible Histories  for television. Taking a week off from his hectic schedule to write his stream of consciousness which is A Portrait Of A Young Man As An Idiot saw him struggling to decline afternoon drinks from couple Tina and Jeremy (whose shed he was working in) under their micro lights…

Coming from a church-going family who named their daughter Kelda (Swedish rivers and fountains) is not your average upbringing. Jonathan and Vicki his other sister seem the lucky ones on the name front. He was picked by his adoptive parents for having, ‘ the biggest brownest eyes and the sorest bottom.’ `it seems he is not alone in being drawn to absurdities- must be a family trait.

Getting back to the book, is it nature or nurture? Jon says it is about family love and is well aware that he has spilled the beans on many an insight into the short attention span of your average male. If you are female this book will answer a few inexplicable behaviors your man may have presented and if you are a guy then the whistle has been blown and you won’t get away with your nonsense any longer!

Hearing Jon talk about one of his pubes nestled in his tax return while it was being checked by his accountant and his futile attempts to dislodge it with a selection of words like , ‘print it’ was comedy gold. And so it seems is this offering . But a word of warning guys , don’t buy the contractions app if you’re other half is expecting and ladies be sure you get a male midwife if you want any attention at all while in the throws of childbirth.

Reviewer Clare Crines

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