The Scented Sutra: 1-5

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Serialising the second part of

‘Seeing Sally Cinnamon & the Scented Sutra


Left smitten at the Gates of Paradise
Languishing eyes connect two trembling souls!
Whose lives have led entirely to this point
Where nimble tongues love’s lesser lightnings play
Twyx fleshy lip cushions lushly pushing,
Men of Planet Earth! Kissing’s passion-pact
Deem quite impossible to engineer
Unexpectedly, but only sooner
Than she thought you would! Opening broadsides
To strip away her carnal defences,
Tear down mainsails, rigging rip clean away!
So let first kisses strike, lest watch the barge
Escape your mooring, fled for safe waters –
Yes, everything depends upon the kiss,
‘Let’s consummate mutual attraction,’
Exchang’d betwyx two psyches in silence,
Compatibilities truly tested !
Did you hear a symphony of rivers?
Harmonious angels play harpsichords?
Or more some slab-corpse groaning in a morgue?
But if all flourish’d well, when urgent words
Unspoken flow ‘tween vulva & member,
Moistening marrows, lead her by the hand
To the bowers of the Perfumed Garden,
But don’t forget my Scented Sutra, son!
Secrete it secretly among thy things
To study in between her ravishments!


Please, connoisseurs, forgive me if I’ve err’d
Relaying only how I feel it feels
For me when I am thoroughly entwin’d
With certain women, embedded in bliss
Ready to recite, regale &… rejoin!
Friends, if you sense there’s something in my veins
No longer hide your innermost desires
Do not wallow in the grief of great love,
Or rest on laurels if thy love is great –
The greatest lovers always woo their wives –
Nor let stratospheric standards ruin
The chance to consummate thine existence,
Study this little treatise & evolve!
Perhaps you are the sycophantic type
Who never get a likeness from their sons
Or him once rich who found himself in love
& now is poor, could not prevent the flight
Of fault-finding cuckoos unsatisfied,
This books for you – in the French salons
I’m preferred to Baudelaire & Shakespeare –
From bedsides never very far away,
Pages spread over dimples of soft sheets,
Scrutinized by sentiment & metre
For when one studies the Scented Sutra
Omnisusceptible moralities
Once spotless, turn hornily priapic!


Cupid, here they are, thy latest victims,
Hearts skewer’d by hot shafts of rising blood
Observing womankind’s fair fineries!
Young girls have looks, but ladies have technique,
Some by the country forg’d, some by the town,
Some into riches born & some renown,
Some orphan’d by their miseries, all these
Identical when naked on their knees !
Some Filipino, some Ugandan black,
Some twinkle in Tahiti, some Iraq,
Unpredictable lucky dips, each snare
A pepperpot of volatility
That could find any bay twyx love & war
But what is sleep but cold death’s reflection
Volatile time slips past us unaware,
Empty houses rot to dereliction,
A lovely shirt needs wearing, & a lack
Of exercise withers strength & beauty,
Take a lover, run a string, take your pick,
A wolf that raids the flock will eat the best,
Virility feeds on sex, by practice
Boosted, with perseverance unswerving
Adventure the veering winds of desire
Plunging spurs into galloping horses
Until you’ve found a lover who’s found you,
Delighting in each other to explore
More corners of this Garden of Delights!


All men have parts, but what force fires those parts
Is all that counts, if life is merciful,
You’ll happen on my verses not too late!
If you are one of those dull, thuggish lovers
Whom vigour lacks unbounceless in the bout
Who lays himself silent on his woman
Joyless, without no previous toying
Who does not tickle, suck her lips, nor bite
Who gets inside her long before the time
She’s heady with the pressures of desire
Scarcely commenced you’re already done for;
Sunk on a woman’s chest ensplurging sperm;
This done, withdraw ye swift from the affair,
& in all haste depart with half-a-smile,
Then listen to my words & mark them well
Let Scented Sutra be thy salvation!
Let us find your meritorious man
Having erections ready at the glance
Of love & lust a woman might invite,
Whose member grows strong, vigorous & hard;
Furnishing a long drawn-out enjoyment,
Until explodes her climax, your prowess
The source – then resting not from ecstasy
Following trembling emissions of sperm,
Stand stiff again to ply the vulva’s plane;
Such are the men whom women’s pleasures paint
Masters of sexuality supreme!


Lotus lips murmur, kisses drive me wild
Passionate eyes bringing delirium
O bolt of lightning in a woman’s form!
Her beauty comforts me with sinful thoughts
She the depressive actress-poet, she
Of perfect breasts that banish me from sleep,
Crystals of elaborate persuasions!
Immeasurably my superior;
Her greater intuition, endurance,
Morality, self-sacrifice, courage,
Reflects Humanity’s noblest aspects
I love the way she’ll think a hundred things
At once, & contradictory each one,
I love her power, grace and perfection,
Proficiency in poetry & song
Teeth like the pips of a pomegranate
Emitting pleasant fragrance, & her flesh,
Fresh butter mellow, all her gifts, her charms,
Untreacherous, & with no faults to hide
In love-sports playful, polish’d in love’s arts
Ever agreeable to our desires
& always awaiting with excitement
The moment I’m returning with a smile
Reflected in her playful, lustful eyes
That make me feel just wanted, & in love!
Bestowing every kind of happiness
As such as she are cherished by all men!

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