The Scented Sutra: 6-9

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In woman’s eyes a man should be himself
Above all else, unless he is a prick,
First, Dionysis, lose thy vanity,
Only the lady should a goddess be,
Toss arrogance & overconfidence
In pits of undesirabilities
Along with lies, insensitivities,
Broken promises, wayward lustfulness,
Hard-mouth’d bullying, rules heavy-handed
Rough selfishness, pig-headedness & pride!
If nothing of all this relates to thee
Then favour’d be in the eyes of women;
Especially if anxious to please them,
Adding generosity, speech sincere,
Sensitivity, to his promise slave,
Vanity-lacking, loyal & virile,
A bird in manner, but in his strength beast,
Wealth, cultivation, intelligence, fame,
Creativity, exclusivity,
Cultivating noble arts & language,
The scented essence of manhood all these,
But even when in powerful phalanx
Proud & superb with all these traits combin’d
Men meeken like the lamb before lions
If je ne sais quoi, the strange factor X
Which passes special between two people
Not present, for without it what is love?


Women need reasons, men just need a place,
Risen to ambition in coition
If a member is without a vulva
His frighten’d heart stokes fires unquenchable,
& even coolest seasons boiling hot,
To spend a single minute of pleasure
He’d travel many days by caravan
To scratch the itch for illicit affairs,
He’d trade a handsome thousand-guinea steed,
O women of the world, if you have found
Such a man, admire his member’s beauty,
Unsupple in the regions ‘tween thy thighs,
Deep-delving with a desperate hunger
For fluids of effluent transference
With lustful men one time might not suffice
He’ll crave your body ‘til him satisfied
When only strength exhausted ends the urge,
So, women, when a lustful man is yours,
When tribute comes from the Kingdom of Pan,
Like the one that brings drink to the thirsty;
Let his famish’d eyes feast on thy bosom,
Thy derriere, naked neck, rockpool eyes
Under crescent brows graceful as the moon,
Do not withhold your joys, nor bashful be
God’s will it is that men should passion feel
When acting on felicitous consent,
Lovemaking is akin to Paradise!


Children of Cupid note down thy name;
Best you believe all women may be won,
Wear rose-fashion’d clothes like men of milieu,
Be of your hair aware & trim thy chin,
Say her face is fair, her eyes are like skies,
Blood warm’d by wine fair spirits flame & flow,
Lust multiplies with each draught that we drink,
Speak & with speed, for Venus loves the brave,
Til comes the kiss & if passion express’d
There’ll be but little rusing for the rest…
A well-timed kiss-surprise can paralyze
Kisses! these easy messengers of love,
Kisses! these pearl thermometers of love
Kisses! Love’s celebrated overture
Beyond the goo & mess of lipstick gloss,
Sensating, somewhat, like a trifle dip
A million nerve fibers congregate
Upon her lips; when sensualities
Erupt they swirl like whirlpools of pleasure!
A seismic kiss can shock waves send thro’ souls
Passionate, vigorous, gentle, tender,
All pressures have their points, all wonderful,
Nip her soft lips with gentle tugs of teeth
Then slip your teasing tongue within her cave,
This simulates another pair of lips
Now nuzzling her neck­line with thrilling caress
Soon comes her bloom’s plucking… her petals’ undress.


For love, thou madness of a living hell!
I’ll woo across the world to find once more,
As you should too, dear reader, else deny
The happiness of sharing your science
With other banners of anatomy –
Like snowflakes couples never act the same
Each set of combinations quite unique
Tho’ patterns run in seams, behold the key
Togetherness transfix’d by chemistry!
When ready then for the hot rites of love
If steady in mutual affections,
What strange, erotic mystery attends
Impetuous desires, voluptuous
Adventures of the flesh, which underpins
Enigmatical human attraction
Could it be our Neanderthal genepool,
For women brave risk-takers still prefer –
Lurking in dangerous, ancestral pasts
Predators & rapists roam savannah –
Today she’ll desires the loveable rogue
Before gentle kindnesses of nice guys
A blend of both, however, shall combine
Our ancient lives with modern sympathies –
Be sensitive & kind in general
But macho in emergencies, from these
In no time you’ll find a polish’d lover,
& sex, my word, the best you’ve ever had!

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