The Scented Sutra: 10-13

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Men! first of all appreciate fully
The gift your woman gives you, every day
How many men have phantasized briefly
Of her body’s branches blending with theirs
But don’t get jealous, son, only for thee
Strips she with devotion, so grateful be
When sharing the most intimate moments
A woman shall experience… enjoy…
Then later on enact in lucid dreams,
Recalling cohabitating pleasures
That made her feel her happiest, enthron’d
Upon crowning ridges of coition!
In this we differ from the animals
Felicity found in fecundity,
The goal of all of this, of course, my friend,
Is sexual contentment, listen well!
The lovers’ tryst shall satisfy desires
In this try different ways to unite,
Striving to ascertain the position
Which gives the greatest copulative joy,
Which sends forth the liveliest sensations
Thro’ vulvan heat, sweet fragrance & moisture,
But if bad vaginal exhalations
Detract distractingly from performance
You’ll fathom that while some couples connect,
Others will repel, each fresh intercourse
Compels studies in this Scented Sutra.


Come kisses, sweet enjoyment & embrace
When lingam presses thro’ the flower bed
To the fertile, lightless cradle of life
Congress having commenced, passion alone
Gives birth to all the acts of the parties
Blind with passion, impetuosity
Paying not the least regard to excess,
Energizes actions and amorous
Gesticulations on the moment’s spur
Undefinable & random as dreams,
But order’d by the cosmic trinity,
When pleasure is enacted in three ways
The first is when the man is the actor
& the woman acted on, the second
Sees the role reversal, she now acting
With him now acted on, with each of these
There is no difference in felt pleasure
Both are conscious of being united,
The third way is the action of the Rams
Some liken to a Spartan boxing bout,
Yet others to dueling Bojutso
When both are acted & are acted on
From this third conformation of action
Women & men experience the same
Sensation, of vigorous energy
Multiplied & flooding carnal chambers
Battlebreaths laced with yelps of ecstasy!


With all my sincerities eglantine
I’ll sing this Scented Sutra to the world,
But being no chronicle of conquest
Lets buzz about like bees among petals,
This is, methinks, a tidy metaphor
For how we men & women interact
She prettified & fragrant in the blooms
He half-mad driven by his honey’d thirst
For these young bees, permit me, as pilot,
I’ll guide thy flight about the flowerbeds
Imagine the planet as a garden,
As once it was before even Eden
Was lost, scent floating gracefully on air
From blossoms all gorgeous, these are women,
While men ye’ll be these nectar-supping bees
Which flit among the inflorescent hues
Tho some act more like weeds – while hornet barbs
Need firm reproach, not everyone enjoys
The natural dress of humanity –
So lines are drawn – love’s a kind of warfare,
Cowards dismiss’d, heroes take up thine arms
There are no slackers guarding this standard
Long winter nights, rough roads, cruel sorrows,
All kinds of labours torture love’s campaigns,
But she’ll be glad knowing you’ve bore the risks
This is the surest proof of devotion
When thus the loss of caution must comply!


The great question, ‘what does a woman want?
Can answer’d be with moist simplicity
Tis by the pulse of a deep, stiff phallus
Piercing a vulva swollen by foreplay
Penetrating honeysuckle centers
Where fire burns, when she is reclining
There seems a creature peering from her thighs
Thinking & winking with a single eye
Reading names inscrib’d upon her vulva,
Of those allow’d to enter, right or wrong,
For man are bracketed with simple ease
Inside a woman’s psyche, some could fuck,
The rest dismiss’d down the sinks of instinct!
Lock’d & barr’d forever, tho’ offering
The universe & all it might contain,
If Cupid hasn’t stamp’d a man’s passport
He’ll never reach her exaltating lands
That faerie wood where flows a sacred spring
Beneath a limestone grotto, birdsong sweet
Resounding, while exploring floral glades,
She’ll show herself, a maiden in the trees,
Then take her, creativity & flair
Engorging every moment’s exhortion,
Til all four limbs floor’d heavy, exhausted,
Vulvas tasting sweet or bitter flavors
Know now if love was given bad or good
So bury memories or yearn for more!

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